Can you Send ME REcommendations for ARTISTS to work with?

Since we are an event and not a creative agency, we do not offer scouting services for artists. We do however highly encourage anyone looking for artists to come to our show and talk to the individual talented creators and check out their work.

May I apply to be an exhibitor?

Our 2019 exhibitor application currently closed, as is our waitlist. We encourage you to stay in the loop about future show applications by signing up for our mailing list and to like / follow us on social media!

How are candidates selected?

Unfortunately due to size limitation we cannot accept all applicants to the show. Applicants are selected based on a number of criteria at the discretion of CALA and its organizers. Preference is given to creators of comics over other creative fields, such as illustration, animation, fine art, etc.

How much space does each exhibitor get?

Half a table. That's 7.5 square feet, 3 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. You may request one additional chair if you really need it, but space is limited and unfortunately not everyone can have an extra chair.

I'm a publisher. Can I pay for more table space?

Unfortunately, no. We encourage publishers to apply but space is very limited and we want to fit in as many independent artists as possible.

Are there opportunities to help out with CALA as a volunteer?

Yes, and please do! We appreciate all the help we can get. Stay tuned for more information on volunteer applications.